Aloha Beer Company’s Lager Love

Last weekend, Aloha Beer Company held a tap takeover event at Grace in Growlers where they previewed a few new selections coming soon.  Dave Campbell has always been one to enjoy drinking traditional styles and he strives to make the best examples of each.  For anyone who’s visited their brewery, the love of the craft is everywhere. 
I was invited to meet up with Dave this week and try the new beers coming soon. A quiet Monday evening is the perfect time to talk story and think about what’s in the glass in front of you. Dave’s love of the craft is infectious, be sure say hello if you stop by. Releasing ‘probably’ this Thursday, October 4, 2018, are two lagers, which are based on some of his favorite recipes, both from other breweries and his own from past ventures. I have to say, I personally love these styles and am happy to have them pouring locally.
Queen St. Pils

First is the Queen St. Pils, a Czech style Pilsner with an American hoppy twist. Coming in at 5.2% ABV and 28 IBU, it’s a light and refreshing beer perfect for hot weather, yet full-flavored to avoid that “lager is water” stigma.

Blackish Bier

The second is just finishing up in the tanks, their Schwarzbier named Blackish Bier. Coming in at 5.6%, it’s full-flavored with chocolate malt notes, yet easy drinking. He laughed about the misnomer of the style that inspired his name for it: although schwarz is German for black, the beer is more of a dark brown with red hues. The full head was almost nitro like, leaving a great mouthfeel with the complex flavors.

Both recipes are subject to change in future iterations based on what people like and how Dave and brewer Kaiao Archer feel about how the final product turned out. Dave said he’d like to get the ABVs on both down a little bit.
Froot Lupes

As an added bonus for hopheads coming mid-October is a new double IPA: Froot Lupes. Coming in at 7.8% ABV with 40 IBU, it’s not an overwhelming bitter beer, but it is misleadingly strong. With a fruity aroma, the mild bitterness is perfectly balanced with a full malty profile. The name is fitting: “Froot” for those complex fruit tastes, and “Lupes” for the generous lupulin.  Be sure to give this one a try!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the friendly bartenders Isabel and Roberto who made the evening fun!  Cheers!