Hawaii Beer & Breweries Map

I’ve been toying with the idea of an interactive map of beer & breweries in the Aloha State for a long time. Every one I can find online is ridiculously out of date or not helpful. I hope this can serve as a guide for locals to hit those places they didn’t know about, or visitors to plan a trip filled with excellent island brews!  In the key you’ll find: Breweries/Brewpubs; Brewery Restaurants; Beer Bars w/ House Brews; Beer Bars/Pubs/Stores; Cideries; Meaderies; and Notable/Historic Places. Simply check or uncheck the categories to see a map of what you desire.


Please feel free to share! Also, in the interest of improvement, if you notice anything needs corrected or added (especially in the beer bars category), please email me at alohastatebeer@gmail.com.