Honolulu PokeFest 2017

Frolic Hawaii hosted the first ever Honolulu PokeFest on July 22, 2017. My girlfriend Kristine was lucky to win tickets to the event, which included different raw fish poke from over fifteen local restaurants.  At the entrance we picked up a rice bowl and went to town, quickly trying and eating way too much! Located at Pier 11 next to the historic Aloha Tower, we enjoyed our food in the same area used for cruise ship boarding.  I had seen that beer would be available as part of the event and assumed it would be a more usual fare. Kristine kept it a secret that Aloha Beer Company, one of our favorites, was supplying the brews! As part of our tickets, we got to enjoy two each of Kaka’ako Kommon and Aloha Blonde. It was nice to meet ABC’s owner Dave Campbell who was pouring beer for the event. Their table and taps looked great in the black fabric, white logo, and fresh plumeria. With all the richness of the food, it was absolutely necessary to have the perfect beer compliments! Mahalo to Kristine, Frolic, and ABC for a wonderful evening!