Pali Pils – Honolulu Beerworks 9/2/2017

There is nothing better than a heaping lunch of subs, sandwiches, salads, all with a side of beer. As much as I love Honolulu Beerworks’ brews, their food is not something to be missed. The Italian hoagie, salmon salad sandwich, and countless food specials included baked mac & cheese, or braised pork, all hearken to the mainland, especially east coast. Some items have a local spin, but you’re really in for a different experience with their food.

Despite being here to eat, I was excited for their Pali Pils. In the traditional German style, this beer is wonderful. With all the beer fads out there that lean away from real beer towards sours and fruit, it’s a special treat to have a beer that tastes like it’s supposed to. Beerworks really outdid themselves on this simple recipe, which is perfect getting into the Oktoberfest season.

Pali Pils –  Fantastic Pilsner, golden straw color, German style, earthy, clean, nice burning bite