Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Returns to Honolulu

When I first started getting into craft beer in Hawaii, one of my favorite places to go was Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Company at their original location in Kaneohe. The beer styles were what I was used to growing up, so I always made an excuse to drop by for some tasters and a growler. Darren Garvey, a fellow Pennsylvanian, founded the brewery in honor of his father and uncle, two dudes that loved beer. It was a sad day when brewery closed with the goal of re-opening soon in Honolulu as the logo had always stated.

Inu Island Ales took the space over and quickly created their own brand and following. A new location was chosen, but it took until this month for it to finally open. Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Company now calls the Chinatown/Downtown area of the city home, a place that’s badly in need of independent local beer. Located at 96 N King Street, it’s easy to add the brewery to a night out in the city. They’re participants of First Fridays and are nearby a few of the reasonably priced Chinatown parking garages. With bus stops and ride shares around, it’s much easier to imbibe and leave the car at home.


I finally had the chance to stop in and see the new location all finished. It’s a neighborhood bar and brewery, more akin to a rec room than a business. The brick walls and stainless-steel equipment compliment the custom wood tables and bar top; be sure to note the logo branding. Pittsburgh, Star Wars, sports, and beer are everywhere you look. It’s comfortable here, there’s seating for singles in need of an after-work beer, tables for two, and larger ones for families and groups. The bar is fully stocked with harder selections.


But you’re here for the beer! As of this writing, Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Company does not have any of their own beer on tap as some behind-the-scenes things are in the finishing stages before brewing can begin. However, for those looking to go now, they have excellent selections from all over the islands and beyond. Be sure to look for their happy hour specials. Prices on the menu are broken out by taster and full pint. Basic food is coming soon; for now you’re welcome to bring your own. When all is said and done, they’ll have primarily their own beer and food available to enjoy.

Pro tip: check out the custom keg sinks in the bathroom!

Well done Darren, I look forward to dropping by often.