Beer Lab HI

As an obsessive beer collector, a new brew always gets me to come back. With that logic, I have to go back to Beer Lab HI often.  Beer Lab believes in small batches, and as the name implies, experimentation. In business for over a year now, the group of friends that started it put it in an old bank: the brewing room is the vault, bar where the tellers used to be. It’s sparse and modern: exposed concrete floors, wooden tables, metal stools, lime green and black coloration, and the original bank ceiling.

The people here are great; the bartenders always friendly.  Be sure to look behind the bar for the long list of upcoming and brewing beers; there’s always something for which to look forward.  All their beers change so frequently you’d never get to try them all – good luck having a favorite, you’ll never see the exact recipe again. Each beer is named by the staff while tasting, displayed on chalk board signs above the bar. They usually have eight to ten beers. Recently, they got into sake and kombucha as well (for me, I appreciate the Star Wars named sake and Game of Thrones named kombucha).  They have growlers and crowlers, which is the only way to take their wares to go. But it’s most fun to have it here; sip, play a game, come to trivia or painting night.

I hadn’t been in in three weeks or so, so I knew I was behind. Tonight we tried four new brews: two IPAs, a stout, and a porter.  All are excellent.  This is a must experience for anyone on vacation and locals alike. Be sure to check out the art wall and bring a brewery sticker to cover the restroom walls!