I Love Untappd, And You Can Too!

There is no greater enabler to encourage more drinking of beer than the app Untappd.  With their slogan of “Drink Socially,” you’ll never be without a drinking buddy again! A few years ago, one of my best drinking buddies introduced me to the app. Alas, my phone couldn’t really support it so it went aside for a while. When I upgraded, I thought I’d give it another go and haven’t looked back since.

As time goes on the features and nuances of the app improve, but the main idea stays the same: It’s your record of drinking with a rating, comment, friend tagging, serving method, and location.  For a collector like me, it’s an impossible task. When it comes to beer, what do you save? Bottles and cans that just pile up and collect dust? Bottle caps that are hard to display?  For me, it’s the picture and a memory.

For a practical reason, it’s great to have a record of what you enjoyed, or more importantly, what you didn’t. You get to cheers friends and see what they’re drinking and recommend. Take a risk and try something the app recommends for you. See what the most popular beers are in your area, on vacation, and find breweries nearby.

More than anything else, what enables and encourages me are the badges. There are thousands of little colorful stamps you receiving for trying different styles, checking in at various venues, and special badges sponsored by breweries, events, and cities.  The designs are fantastic and it’s always fun to receive a new one.  Not everyone loves the badges, but they’re a fun memento (and apps need to make money to bring free content). Keep a look out for sponsored contests like they’ve had in the past with Sierra Nevada, Goose Island, and currently with Oskar Blues. With a passionate user base, beers are always up to date (or feel free to edit). If you want to go the extra mile after you discover what a useful tool it is, become an Untappd Supporter. If you’re looking for a new friend, feel free to add me and drink together! Untappd: alexanderbgates