Guadalcanale – Home of the Brave Brewing Company 8/4/2017

 For any visitor or local to Honolulu, one place you cannot miss is the Brewseum. Located off of Ward Avenue in Kaka’ako, the Tomlinson family owns and operates what amounts to five separate and awesome businesses revolving around World War II history with a Hawai’i focus. There is so much passion in every inch of these buildings; you’ll always see something new!

First and foremost, they’re a history tour company that culminates at their history museum filled with artifacts, photos, memorabilia, and even movie/TV props and posters. The museum typically isn’t open to the public, but on certain days you’re free to explore.

Upstairs from here is their speakeasy, the Wiki Waki Woo Bar; but to get in, you’ll have to ask the password!  It’s a small bar, a cozy place to drink, and even a lanai if the fresh air suits you better.

Their brewery, Home of the Brave Brewing Company, takes up a tiny room under the speakeasy; part is roped off, but you can see their equipment and ingredients waiting to become beer.

The biggest draw for visitors is the Brewseum. This partial WWII museum, but mostly bar, is open to the public limited evening hours and is available for private events. They usually have a brew or two of their own on tap, as well as partnership beers from the mainland.  They have limited food, free popcorn, and sometimes Chubbies Burgers food truck, which is also worth trying!

Why I’m writing today about clearly one of my favorite places is the release of their newest beer, GuadalcanALE, a beer dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the namesake battle.  It’s a full flavored earthy ale.  If you’re coming to try it, be sure to have a bottle of the Remember Pearl Harbor Mighty American Ale; these make the best gifts/souvenirs for beer lovers.

For those who love the place and it becomes a haunt, be sure to work toward your wings become an Ace. Ask for a punch card, you’ll receive them on your 5th visit.